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Search… Are you Lijit?

I’ve recently added a new button on the blog. You can see it in the upper right hand corner. It’s labeled “Search my Network”. Click it!

This is pretty cool actually. What it does is search my blog for your criteria and it also searches other sites that I’ve added as “trusted”. Sites include Microsoft’s SQL CAT team, SSWUG, Ted Malone’s blog, Brent Ozar’s blog etc…

Think about this for your own blog or website! Wow, to be able to direct your readers to information that you deem as trustworthy and accurate. It is the opposite of a Google search in that the results are quality based (based on them being “trusted” by you), versus quantity based (Google).

This clever technology is provided free of charge, minus the ad pollution, but hey, it’s free! The company name is Lijit, based here in Colorado at the foothills of the majestic Rocky Mountains.

A shout out to a great colleague and even better friend, Zach Conger for clueing me in.

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