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vConference – This week!

This is the week that the vConference will air.  SQL Server WorldWide Users Group (SSWUG) puts on the event and this year I was chosen to speak at the event.

If you have not already registered, you can do so here : 

I have a discount code for you to use as well : SVPJLOSP09

The recording of the event was very different from an in person conference.  It took me a few minutes to get used to the cameras and not have feedback from an audience.  That said, I’m happy with my presentations even though I moved a bit too fast and I felt that I didn’t focus on some of the points and bring them back around the way I was hoping for. 

At any rate, enjoy the conference, there is no better value for the money! 

Later this week I’ll have a couple of posts up about my sessions at Dev Connections.  They will get a lot more technical and it’s my hope, be of use for you.




Over the past five or six years I’ve put a great deal of thought into starting a blog… What would I write?  Would it be relevant?  Is it a waste of time?  etc… Many of you who read this have probably asked yourselves the same questions. 

As it turns out, I don’t have a great deal of margin or spare time in my daily life.  Even so, I believe that this discipline will help clients, associates, friends and perhaps even my mom better understand what I do for a living.

This blog will be technical in nature and more specifically it will focus on data becoming realized in an organization. 

I’ve been doing independent consulting for the most part over the past 7 years.  My focus over the past 10 years has been with relation database management systems (RDBMS).  I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the best and brightest in the industry.  My specific focus is with SQL Server, from ground up development to migrations, performance tuning and everything in between.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a great deal.    

Ok, so onto some content worth reading. 

Much like this blog, I’ve found that time is often hard to come by.  I don’t mean time to watch the new episode of the apprentice or time to get in a round of golf after a work day and before the sun sets, but time on your servers. 

Time to dig into your systems and provide value above and beyond your job description.

Time to analyze your environment with cutting edge technology / architecture.

Time to upgrade your skill set to take advantage of the new technology.

Time to tune your databases and identify recurring trends.

Time to think … versus reacting.

Time ….

Over the years I have learned that unlike the majority of commodities in this world, time is not a forgiving entity. 

As this blog matures, I will detail on the tools that I use and the methods employed to best manage the time that I have and have it be the most productive time spent.  I will also write about anything going on in my life as a small business owner and consultant.

I look forward to posting all things data related and humbly thank you for taking the time to read.


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